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So you've finally got bored of my web site.  Now's its time to continue your journey on the Web.  Below are a few web pages that I've found useful and interesting.  Hopefully you will too.  I've broken the links down into a few catagories that will make it easier to decide where to go.  Enjoy and have a safe trip.  Stay away from those porn sites.



Aquatic Center Aquatic Center is the dive center that certified me.  Smitty was a great instructor, so if you getting certified, I'd highly recommend going to him first. Tell him Dan sent you.


Padi PADI is the certification agency I went through.  It is world recognized so you know your certification will be honored.  Pay them a visit for more info.


Divers Alert Network Divers Alert Network provides insurance and emergency support for divers.  Every diver should be a member of this organizaion.


Rodale's Scuba Diving Rodale Scuba Diving is one of the major publications for this sport.  They have a great message board on this site if you ever need opinions and info.


Mining Co. Mining co has a great page on scuba.  There are a bunch of interesting links on their page.  


Skin Diver Skin Diver is another Dive Magazine.  They have some interesting articles.