My Island

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Welcome to my little site on the web.  You can use the menu to navigate your way around here.  The purpose if this whole thing is to tell you a little about myself and some of my interests.   The Bandshell contains stuff about music as well as  a song I wrote this past summer.  The Gallery basically houses photos of some people in my life.  It's not complete yet, and I hope it will never be complete. The   'About me' page has information all about me, probably more that you want to know...That's OK though because you can always go to Yahoo or something.  Now Reef contains links to underwater pics and things of that sort.  I love that stuff.  If you want to send mail to me you can just go to the Post Office.  You can also sign my guestbook so I can know what you think or you can Send me mail about whether you like this site or me or just have an opinion, I'd like to hear from you.  Once your done exploring this little Island of mine you can leave through the Trails.    They will lead you to some interesting and some not so interesting places on the web.   Enjoy the journey.  Be safe and have fun!!!

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