Wei-Hsing Lee

Objective Seeking a Co-op working in wireless technologies to gain real world experience.
Projects Currently working on a Virtual Classroom implementation over a wireless network using collaborative technologies developed in Java, allowing for synchronous communication. Components consist of shared whiteboard, audio feed, presentation slides, chat relay.

Virtual Distributed System in Java to test fault tolerance and classical synchronization problems. The system implemented the Leader Election algorithm utilizing asynchronous threads to improve performance as well as solving the Dining Philosophers deadlock problem.

Employment Data Structures and Algorithms Teaching Assistant

1998 - Present University of Florida Gainesville, FL

Lecture twice a week, development of test drivers.

Personal Trainer and Fitness Supervisor

1995 - 1998 University of Florida Gainesville, FL

Conducted personal training sessions, set up workout routines.

Education Masters in Computer Science and Engineering

Spring 2000 University of Florida Gainesville, FL

Emphasis in mobile computing and wireless networks. Groupware over Mobile IP and wireless networks.

Post-Baccalaureate Courses

1998 University of Florida Gainesville, FL

Discrete Structures, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Organization, Operating Systems

Bachelors in Microbiology and Cell Science

1997 University of Florida Gainesville, FL

Minor in Chemistry

Skills Java - Sockets, Remote Method Invocation, Client/Server Programming

MIPS Assembly, C, Operating Systems - Windows 95/98/NT, Windows 3.1, MS-DOS, Unix

Extracurricular Activities University of Florida Crew Scuba Diving, Guitar, Web Page Authoring Microbiology and Cell Science Club