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Welcome to the Bandshell.  I'm about to tell you a little about my music preferences so watch out.   As you can probably hear, Jimmy Buffet is one of my college favorites.  It reminds me of my wild and exciting undergraduate years.  Fun music to kick back, relax and have a Corona ( or Kalik) to.  I'm also a big fan of the Dave Matthews Band, like every other person in the world.  You've got to appreciate the way he strums those strings, as well as the rest of his talented band.  Now that we got some of the acoustic music out of the way, I'm also into the techno/rave music - well at least I was into it .  I've been out of it for a little and that's an eternity in that music scene. Still, I love the way Sasha and Digweed spin.  I was one of those Prodigy pioneers back in the days.  Now for the rap scene - 2 PAC.  Country - Garth Brooks and Brooks and Dunn.  Also classic rock....  That's my abbreviated stint.  Anyway, I've included a song I wrote this past summer...I think most of you can relate.  Enjoy.


My Need For You
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